Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Juice ' Essay examples

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For this juvenile delinquency film assignment, I viewed the movie Juice. I will attempt to highlight some of the delinquencies depicted in the movie in this sociology paper. Juice is about 4 teens growing up in Harlem, New York. They often skip school, and instead spend their days hanging out at their favorite spots while dabbling in petty crimes. They are constantly harassed by police and their rival, a Puerto Rican gang. One day one of their friends gets shot, and the teens decide that they don’t get enough respect (Juice), and decide to get it by going big and commit a violent crime. Subsequently they were able to get a gun and decide to rob a store, but things take an unexpected turn when the owner of the corner store gets shot during the crime. In an attempt to cover their tracks, they eventually turn on each other and one by one lose their lives, except the crew member who had an ambition of becoming a musician and was against any criminal activities to get “Juice”.
The film is filled with the day to day activities of these juveniles in a neighborhood that crimes is the way of life, and chronicles the struggles they have to endure for being part of such a disorganized segment of society. In consistence with their subculture and the socio-economic disadvantaged environment they live in, the four main characters in this movie act out many deviant behavior and were constantly involved in some form of delinquency or crime. These includes skipping school, stealing,…

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