Essay on Movie Analysis : Crash, Movie, And Movie `` Crash ``

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While America may have evolved beyond corded phones and VHS tapes, one thing that has remained stagnant are race issues. Crash, a 2004 movie, explores racist experiences that minorities have faced. The movie utilizes characters and their experiences to show that the improvement of racism is hopeless.
The characters in Crash all maintain a barrier between one another that presents conflict in dissolving the discriminations they face. Characters like Anthony and Jean keep up this barrier simply because they belong to different races. Crash displays the message that there are barriers between people, especially if two people belong to differing ethnicities or races. One reason for these blockades, is because society puts forth a pressure to always keep up an act with each other. These acts are what create the barriers between people. The characters in Crash are so accustomed to this pressure, that it becomes almost unnatural for them to expose their true identities, especially to people of other races. For instance, Anthony is always on the defensive line. He is an African-American male and doesn’t allow himself to trust. In the beginning of the movie, Anthony claims that Jean, an affluent white character, is scared of him. Anthony uses this to emphasize that Peter and himself are the ones who should be scared because they are in a dominantly white neighborhood. Similarly, Jean allows her barrier to go up and she becomes weary of Anthony. Society has given her these notations…

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