Essay on "Move Yourself" Book Review

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Get Moving: Review of “Move Yourself”
Shauntay Langel
University of Texas at Arlington

N3335 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
Online RN-BSN
July 30, 2012
Get Moving: Review of “Move Yourself”
Part I: Book
“Move Yourself” is a book written by Tedd Mitchell, Tim Church, and Martin Zucker in 2008 about the benefits of exercise. The book also outlines steps that can be taken to slowly improve exercise behaviors for those of any activity level, based on the exercise research performed by the authors. This book was chosen for review after reading a brief description of it. I figured I would gain more personally. After reading others opinion of the book, including those of celebrities, on how this book changed their exercise
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The authors of “Move Yourself” have conducted some interesting studies that may one day answer those questions. There is of course more long term evidence needed and as stated by Gibali (2012) “information from future studies will provide practical, evidence-based recommendations for novel exercise prescription that can be incorporated into daily living and form an integral component in the development of future combinatorial therapies for the prevention and treatment of chronic inactivity-related diseases” (p.1082).
This book gives you all the components of what is needed to improve your activity level. You get education, history of importance, psychological exercises to evaluate yourself, and a plan of implementation for anyone of any age or lifestyle. As noted by O’Donovan et al. (2010), anyone who is beginning exercise for the first time or who has not been active in a while should begin slow and “work steadily towards meeting the physical activity levels recommended for all healthy adults” (p. 573).
Part IV- Practice Application
“Move Yourself” made a major impact on my decision to rededicate myself to a healthier lifestyle. As a health professional, I was already alarmingly aware of all the health problems that can be associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle. Now I feel that I am more at ease with the decision to start small and build up slowly. Hitting the gym is not for everyone. You can benefit from making

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