Morality And Morality : Is It Considered Wrong? Essay

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As we think of morality, many questions, such as “what is considered right ?”, and “what is considered wrong?”, come to mind. While many people believe that religion can help us answer these questions, others argue that morality is self- determining and should not relate to religion in any way. When morality and religion are put together, it causes conflicts because one person 's’ morals are not the same as another individuals. One person’s morals can be based off of one religion while others’ morals come from a separate religion, or in some cases, no religion at all. Thus, causing conflict because of all the different opinions on what is considered right and what is considered wrong. Morality should not, in any way, be derived from religion.
Morality is defined as conceptions of right and wrong (Timpe 1). Morals are based on judgements and/or behaviors of a human being. Ones character can show whether or not this person lacks moral virtues.
Piero Pinzauti, a philosopher who argued that your morals should not be based on religion, stated that, “God cannot make any moral demand on humans, and thus He cannot reward them with salvation or punish them, without turning Himself into a means of moral corruption” (Pinzauti, 1). If God had the ability to reward or punish us based on our moral actions, He himself would be corrupt.
Divine laws are derived from God, himself. These laws cannot be changed, however, the way a person might perceive them is a different story. Many…

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