Morality And Its Effect On A Person 's Life Essay example

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Morality Many things can cause a person to ignore the strict guidelines of right and wrong that they have learned since childhood. Nothing compares to three main groups of people in a person’s life that causes the most compromising to a person’s morals than family, friends, and one’s job. These three hold a great deal of weight in a person’s life as the individual involved struggles to figure out how to block out the negative a group member or all of the group is doing at a point in time and whether or not said individual participated because of group pressure. First off, loyalty to family is something we told repeatedly to have from the time we can walk to the time we take our last breath on this planet. The old saying “blood is thicker than water,” is one reminder of how we as a civilization still cling to the days when family’s lived in reality close distance to each other and could only depend on each other to survive. Yet, today when faced with a family member who has committed a crime of horrible origins we struggle to figure out what to do. Two people had this very same problem with one of their family member. Kelly Thomas turned in his son. Thomas’ son escaped prison and showed up at his father’s house not expecting his father to call the police and tell them where they could find his son. Then, David Kaezynski turned in his brother who was the Unabomber. These two men had fought against the natural loyalty of family to do what they believed was right. However,…

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