Examples Of Huck's Transformation In Huckleberry Finn

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In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character, Huck Finn, feels forced to rebel against society which leads him to runaway from home and get himself into many adventures. *********enter sentence******** After he runs away he meets Jim, a runaway slave, on Jackson Island and they go on an adventure where they are both transformed into men. As Huck grew up, he was always on the bottom of southern white society. His father, the town drunk, was extraordinarily neglectful of him, often leaving him homeless, which caused the town to look down upon Huck. After his father had been mistreating him, the court system gave custody of Huck to Ms. Watson and Widow Douglas, two kindly sisters who lived together, where he could be raised properly and learn to conform to society. Although they tried very hard to raise him and teach him manners, he couldn’t conform to the society and decided to runaway. As Huck ran away, he went through the rites of passage to becoming a man and was forced to grow up quickly and abruptly on the Mississippi River. Huck ran away from society to get away from the civilization that failed to protect him from his father. Throughout his entire life he had always distrusted the morals that society had taught him. Once he was in the real world for the first …show more content…
When they were on the river, Huck did not know whether to follow his conscience and help Jim escape to the free states, or do what society has told him to do and turn him into authorities. He had been taught all his life that slaves were property and not people, but when he spent time with Jim on the river, he decided that society had been wrong and that Jim is a person not property. In the end, Huck decided to take sides with his conscience and help Jim on his way to freedom only to discover that he had been freed by Ms. Watson

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