To Kill A Mockingbird Childhood Analysis

We are all born with false assumptions about life, everybody, and everything to keep us safe. Harper Lee talks about these lessons of life in her novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, and make us understand the true innocents of our gullible childhood and the lessons that we receive when we are older and understand the meaning of innocents and experience.
As children, Jem and Scout, are unwittingly accepting the outside world an only accepting their innocent and comforting world that they have only been exposed to, but they did not know that they were also being exposed to rumors about other people. As the children start looking at the outside world and the outside statements Jem make a false accusation about a shaded unknown person in the neighborhood
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When Jem and Scout are caught damaging Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes, she tells them him that his punishment is then read to her, Scout goes along with Jem, but Mrs. Dubose criticizes the way Scout dresses,” “what are you doing in those overalls? You should be in a dress and camisole, young lady!” (105). This exposes both of Atticus’s children by exposing to them that not everybody lasts forever, and that their we are giving false statements at their childhood about people growing up with delight, she also points out that Scout needs to start wearing more ‘girly’ clothes because she is a girl. On one dark and snowy night, Atticus wakes up his children and takes them outside and places them in front of the Radley place which is far from the fire, they are all scared because Miss Maudie Atkinson 's house is on fire and they do not know what to do. As Atticus rounds up his children and takes them home and they start to settle down, Atticus point out if Scout and Jem stayed put, Scout says that they did, then Atticus asks ” Then whose blanket is that?” (73). Jem and Scout are both shocked and start to misjudge the Radley’s. This is their transition from their young childhood to reality, which is hard for them to grasp. After Heck Tate is called to the scene of a rabid dog, when he tries to find his aim, he …show more content…
After the case is settled making it clear that Atticus did not win, Jem says with “His face was streaked with angry tears as we made our way through the cheering crowd. ‘It ain’t right,’ he muttered…” (215). Jem’s question has made her branch off into the real world and understanding that not everything is not as equal as he thought it was. This also teaches Scout the same lesson, and also that not everything ends in a happy ending. After the trial, Jem and Scout are walking back from the Halloween pageant and hear noises at first they think that it 's nothing, them someone attacks Jem, he tells Scout to run. Later they both make it home, safe and sound, Scout notices a man in the shadows of the light and states that he rescued Jem from that attacker, he steps away from the shadows and into the light, Scout then says “Hey, Boo.” (274). This is Arthur Radley, a man who is childhood rumor of Jem and Scout as having a disgusting face and is a pale as that of a cloud. This breaks the thought of Arthur Radley as being a shaded unknown figure to a soft hearted and misunderstood person in all of the neighborhood, but he does not like the exposure that he receives so he hide where nobody can find him, which is the

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