Essay on Modern Technology And Its Impact On The Earth

1643 Words May 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Green Technology written by Sarindran Ramayes

“Modern technology owes ecology and apology”, is the best phrase to interpret about a very crucial and appealing theorem that designs the future which currently which is technology. Well, today every scientist, engineers and world leaders sit together to rebuild the nation merely to achieve the status of “developed country”. Although it is for the betterment of society and economy, however, they fail in various ways. In the vision of constructing skyscrapers, they fail to protect trees and lands. In the vision of extracting gasoline, they fail to protect fishes and carols. In the vision of launching rockets into space, they fail to protect the atmosphere of the earth. In the vision of developing automobiles, they fail to protect the carbon emission and air pollution. This results in a major catastrophe and natural disasters that hunt down every human being on the earth. The occurrence of Tsunami on 26th December 2004 is another apocalypse incident that took away millions of lives around the globe resulting from human behaviours as well. As an analogy goes, when human falls in sick, it’s because his body has been attacked by viruses. To overcome this, the body system will automatically increase its’ temperature to kill the virus. Thus, killing the virus is essential in order to protect the human being. That’s a natural involuntary action that happens to a human being. Now, the same thing happens to the Earth. When technology…

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