Modern English: The Evolution Of The English Language

Communication is an important factor of humanity and has been categorized into different dialects. The English language has been a major component of communication since the early fifth century. The English language has evolved in three different ways as the eras of time changed, which would include Old English as the first milestone towards the evolution of English literature and language. In addition, Middle English contributed to the evolution of English as it contributed to Christianity and chivalry from literary works of morality. Finally, the English language has evolved into what is known as Modern English with the rebirth or Renaissance that brought new ideas. Modern English has continued to evolve with society as different perspectives and views emerge, such as the creation of the Ethernet and social Media.
Old English has been described as the earliest building block of the present English language, which may be difficult to believe due to the difference in writing structure. Old English originated from pre-Roman languages such as Celtic. (Old English) The Romans invaded Britain around 43 AD by the Roman Emperor Claudius,( Ohnson) in order to continue Julius Caesar’s work from his early visits to Britain. Once the Romance
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Old English enforces a way to express pronouns and provided grammatical genders. Once William the conquer took over Britain in the battle of Hastings, marking the end of old English and the start of Middle English, he provided the English language with new forms of grammar, vocabulary, and less grammatical genders. Finlay, Middle English ended in 1476 with the creation of the printing press, allowing for literature and language to reach different sections Britain and including the new world. This led to the world which had been established with technology and quicker forms of

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