Models of Organized Crime Essay

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There are two types of organizations when it comes to crime. These two organizations, bureaucratic and patron-client, are the main structures of the systems. There are similarities and differences between the two organization models and are important when it comes to understanding organized crime. The bureaucratic organization is an organization that has tight procedures, policies and constraints (Burley, n.d.). This type of structure allow for an organization to run with a formal head of power that dictates what is to happen. It allows for a proper chain of command and gives power to those earn it based on tasks. In this type of organization, you are also valued by the tasks that you are given and they are usually detailed and specific …show more content…
With the bureaucratic model, there is one high-ranking person and the power then trickles down to the subordinates. There is only one top person and no one else. With the patron-client model, there are multiple leaders and no real power structure. Those who are looking for aid and protection seek those who are willing to work under them. It creates multiple leaders within the crime organization. With these two models of organized crime, it makes understanding organized crime important. It allows for law enforcement to learn the structures of different organized crime groups. By understanding how they work, it gives law enforcement the ability to discover patterns in the group’s behavior, deter crime that they commit and future crimes, as well as find ways to break up the organized crime group. These structures also allow for law enforcement to figure out how the crime groups gather members. By knowing what they do and how they do it, it will help them prevent people from joining the crime groups. Since bureaucratic and patron-client structures in organized crime are the main two structures on how the internal workings or organized crime works, it allows for understanding on how they function. Without these two structures, knowing how to understand how the crime groups work and how they commit crimes and gather followers and members would not be possible. References
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