Minimum Wage Is A Great Thing Essay

1314 Words Mar 18th, 2016 6 Pages
The Minimum Wage is a great thing. It prevents Employers from ripping their employees off and underpaying them.The only problem with the current minimum wage is it doesn 't keep up with inflation and brings the full time salary in below the poverty line for minimum wage workers and almost forces a family to need government aid just to put food on the table and to have health care. There needs to be a change. The Government needs to increase the minimum wage to allow U.S. citizens to no longer need government aid, to help the economy and low income families, and to decrease the poverty rate. There is tons of controversy about whether the minimum wage should be increased or stay the same. The problem people have with raising the minimum wage is they believe that almost all minimum wage workers are teenagers and they don 't believe teens really need that money, but what they don 't know is 58.7 percent of employees are over 18. Other countries and even cities in the united states have rolled their dice and took the chance of a minimum wage increase and it has proven nothing but benefits for their economy and citizens. So if this has been tested and proved to be very proficient, then why wouldn 't the United States Government do the same? Poverty is a sad thing if thought about it. Imagine having to choose between eating and health care. This can all be by simply raising the minimum wage. In 2006 a family of four with one full time minimum wage worker earned a total income of…

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