Happiness: The Criticisms Of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is the philosophical theory that shows us how we should evaluate a wide range of things that involve choices that people in general face and it is a philosophy which focuses on happiness, pleasure and consequences. Utilitarianism rests on consequentialism which mean that they the consequences of actions that determine whether they are good or bad. Utilitarian reasoning can be used for various ideas and actions. This reasoning can both be used for moral reasoning and even other rational decision-making. According to utilitarians, an action is good if it is useful and something useful brings about good consequence which leads to greater happiness. Happiness means pleasure for utilitarians and thus here the outcome matters. It …show more content…
The criticisms about the consequentialist aspect argue that that utilitarianism agrees that the ends justify the means. Moreover, it is troublesome to determine an action on the basis of consequence as consequences lead to other consequences and so on. In the other criticism says that good consequences sometimes require us to take the steps of an action that are against our sense of justice. On the other hand, in the criticisms of the hedonic aspect it is said that if we if we apply the utility which is the greatest happiness principle, it would require us to be able to measure happiness but actually, it is difficult to measure happiness. In another criticism the Greatest Happiness Principle is concerned with total happiness, and not with the happiness of an individual. It would be possible to raise the question of how should happiness be distributed? In the last criticism about the hedonist aspect is, because of the problem of boundlessness in utilitarianism. Continually this criticism is further more divided into two other aspects, one of which is that utilitarianism argues that every second of a person’s waking life, should be engaged in action conducive to the greatest happiness, and that utilitarians make demands which are difficult to keep, since it require us to treat relatives and non-relatives, the

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