Military Industrial Complex And Its Effect On The Government Decision Making Process

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I think that it will be dangerous if the situation described by Hill that “It was increasingly clear that Iraq was a military problem” and “the State Department is so small and incompetent,” continues. (Hill, 354)

It is difficult to give a clear definition for the Military-industrial complex. Conceptually, it contains two parts: the military institutions and enterprises, which is a combination of private and public institutions. This determines its unique trait. On the one hand, although Military-industrial complex has a military background that can greatly influence the government decision-making process, but it is only one of the factors that influence the process. It is not a substitute for government decision-making and does not directly control the public power. On the other hand, since the military enterprises and military institutions are closely integrated on the aspects of economy, human resources and so on, its government policies, its impact on the government 's defense policy is much greater than other general business. It plays a role of special interest groups is in the U.S. political process.

The current chaos in Iraq was led by the military intervention during the Bush age adjustment of policy without a clear position in Obama period. Summarizing from the dilemma as Hill stated, the military has taken action in Iraq much earlier than the embassy. The military has accumulated resources of people, money and so on. Then the military got the command and is…

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