Mike Tyson's Criminal Behavior

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Register to read the introduction… Tyson asked his councilor at the detention center if he could have the opportunity to meet with Bobby Stewart. Tyson asked Bobby if he could be a boxer, and he was shocked at his harsh reaction. After the encounter, Tyson’s attitude and behavior changed completely (Mollett 2). He had a positive attitude, and the criminal behavior stopped immediately. Stewart was notified about Tyson’s behavior, and made a deal to coach him in boxing if Mike tried going back to school. This deal with Steward motivated Tyson causing him to become dedicated to the sport. Bobby Stewart noticed great improvement, and knew Tyson could make great accomplishments. Stewart took Tyson to a “legendary” trainer to demonstrate Tyson’s abilities in boxing (Mollett 2). The trainer was amazed by Tyson’s skills and determination that he decided to coach Tyson and lead him to the boxing ring. From then on, Tyson’s name became well known in the world of boxing. Tyson became a heavyweight champion, and was feared in the boxing ring. He became a masculine icon, with his muscular body and being part of the manly sport of boxing. After much success in the ring, Tyson coined the nickname “Iron Mike,” which described his invincibility and strength. With his nickname, Tyson created a manly and powerful name for himself and made sure others knew who he was as a fighter. The nicknames he received described him as the ultimate man. The male population was intrigued by his success and power. This elevated Tyson’s social status above just a boxer and made him tantamount to a masculine …show more content…
The incident with Holyfield was an addition to Tyson’s criminal record. After this event, there was more attention towards Tyson’s increasing criminal record. Before the fight versus Holyfield, Mike Tyson had been convicted of raping a pageant queen. His behavior was not strange to some people because he never had stable relationships with women (Grass 1). Tyson had a “turbulent marriage, several accusations of sexual harassment, and three lawsuits” (1). His actions were looked down upon because he affected the males involved in boxing. He was creating a bad image of all boxers, and the public assumed everyone was a criminal like Mike Tyson. Once, a representative for Main Events promotions said, “It’s not fair to look down on other boxers for what one man has done” (1). Mike Tyson created an image of violence and criminal behavior as a masculine icon. All of his fans were disappointed in his actions. A more recent attack of Mike Tyson took place in 2001. Tyson allegedly attacked a reporter with a fork and stabbed him on the head. His actions were due to the reporter mentioning his future competition, Lennox Lewis (The Mirror 1). Tyson’s actions show his anger towards his opponent and his passion for competing; he does not even want to hear his opponent’s

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