Brotherhood In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Imagine living during a time when life was extremely difficult and discrimination was very common. Imagine being told every day how little your worth is, and being left out of activities because of stupidity or race. Throughout the novella Of Mice and Men, there are several themes and motifs that occur. Many different characters and events progress over the book to show different morals or lessons to the reader. George and Lennie, for example, tend to show the reader how to be a good friend, loyal, and the importance of brotherhood. The theme the “strong” need to protect the “weak” is very apparent throughout this story between many key characters because of differences in age, color, gender, and even intelligence. The two main characters, …show more content…
Candy himself gets thrown to the shaft because he is old and is disabled with only having one hand. His dog is also hated because it's old, worthless, and smelly. Carlson complains everyday about Candy’s dog being in their room, because it stinks up the room for three days, and the stench was so bad that it was smelt from a mile away. Carlson tries to tell Candy that it's best if they just get rid of the dog forever. Candy doesn’t want them to shoot his dog; that dog is his life and has been with him since it's been a puppy. Candy didn’t want to believe Carlson that shooting his dog would be the best for him so he doesn’t have to suffer through another day, so Candy asks a man, who everyone on the ranch believed gave the best advice and was very trustworthy, Slim what he should do about his dog. “Candy looked a long time at Slim to try to find some reversal. And Slim gave him none. At last Candy said softly and hopelessly, "Awright—take 'im." He did not look down at the dog at all. He lay back on his bunk and crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling.” (Steinbeck 45) After Slim and Carlson took his dog, Candy knew that they both wanted to shoot his old dog, but Candy didn’t know why or what he did to deserve this. Both Candy and his dog are weak and old, but as for Slim, he is younger, and stronger so he knows what is best maybe not right away for Candy and his dog, but eventually will be. Slim believed that the best thing to do was end Candy’s dog life so it could be put out of it’s misery, but the question is did it just bring more misery into Candy’s

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