Henry David Thoreau's Love For Nature

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Henry David Thoreau was one of America’s famous writers. He was an amazing philosophical and naturalist writer. Henry was a good carpenter and farmer. He was born on July 12, 1817 in Concord, MA. Thoreau attended school at Harvard College (now Harvard University). He graduated college in 1837. In the 1840s he began writing poetry and he was mentored by Ralph Waldo Emerson. A few years later Thoreau started his life in the woods a place two miles South of Concord called Walden Pond. His love for nature was really exposed while he was living in the woods. Henry enjoyed having peace most of the time. He loved nature and solitude.
Henry Thoreau had wonderful parents. His father John Thoreau, was a very good reader and good-natured man.
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He is now being praised for being a powerful nature lover. His hard work didn’t go in vain. Thoreau has really influenced others to love nature. He taught and shown everyone how important nature is. Henry wanted everyone to know that you didn’t have to go far from home to enjoy nature. Growing up Thoreau kept a diary to write down his thoughts about life and nature. He knew us as humans could get a better understanding about life from nature. If we get to know nature like Thoreau did, we would understand the importance of nature. Nowadays a lot of children are missing out on the values of nature. Thoreau wanted to raise awareness about nature in everyone’s life. Henry couldn’t function properly indoors. He knew being outside had so much more to offer than being indoors all day. His thoughts about nature will influence some parents to spend more time outside with their children. Children is more active and perform better when they are outside. Thoreau wanted other laborers, friends, and family to be more involved with nature. He was good at growing crops. His love for seeing beautiful things was amazing. He built nice things. Nature was the reason Thoreau did a lot of good things outside. His time outside allowed him to be

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