Meticulous Truth In The Great Gatsby

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It might be safe to say that at one point or another, most people run into or befriend a person who is mysterious and maybe viewed as a liar because of their outrageous stories that they tell. Often times, the mysterious person will foreshadow an event in everyday conversation, which can leave a taste of uncertainty in the mouth of the befriender. The person will vaguely leave the event in question without further expanding it, then proceed to tell another outrageous tall tale. In this case, Gatsby is the mysterious friend. Gatsby says, “you see I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there trying to forget the sad thing that happened to me.” (Fitzgerald 67) The sad thing that is referenced here is left vague and is said after multiple …show more content…
Discussed through this essay will be Gatsby’s alluring character, unbelievable hidden past, and how this ties in with the U.S. post war era. This will help readers to understand Gatsby’s careful movements and meticulous nature. The American Dream of the 1920’s was simply, anybody could procure laugher if they worked hard and long enough. Most Americans in the 1920’s thought of this as their American dream and this is what they were striving for. They wanted to be great, no matter how they grew up or whether or not they were born into wealth or not. This dream was not Jimmy Gatz, later on known as Jay Gatsby’s dream. All he wanted in this life was to win his old love, Daisy back. He tries to be noticed by turning himself into, ‘the Great Gatsby.’ Many people might wonder, well what makes him so great? Perhaps it was how heavily enigmatic he was. This man, who no one quite knows the accurate background of, throws weekly lavish parties and people from all over come. At these parties, Gatsby is rarely, if ever, seen and makes no friends at his own shindigs. People can’t seem to figure out the reason why he is throwing the parties, and make up various rumors about him as

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