Essay on Methods of Integrity

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Rob Oostendorp
Ethics in Accounting
Professor Ritsma
#49 Helen Alyon
Helen Alyon has a problem. Helen just had a newborn child and took 6 months maternity leave. After her maternity leave, she realized that she really wanted to stay at home with her child. Unfortunately, her mentor, Lester Parsons, warns her that if she stays home longer with her newborn, she runs the risk of not becoming a partner in the international CPA firm, Brownwood & Short. In Helen utopia, she would be able to work part time for the firm and still retain her status as an upcoming partner. So far, the company has agreed to let her work part time and retain her possible partnership status. But, as Parsons warned, it isn’t necessarily true that if she
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This currently doesn’t concern Giles or Regas since they are only dating. But, if they were to get married, one of them would have to resign to prevent future conflict. What does concern Regas is her current project, the CAA which both she and Giles are working on together. Both of them have been missing time at work and not working to their normal ability, and people are starting to notice. Most lower level employees are distressed by the fact that they are dating because both of them have been spacing out at work, but for the most part, upper level management doesn’t know that they are dating. A couple days ago, Regas received a dozen roses from Giles because he had said some things to her that he shouldn’t have. A peer of Regas notices the flowers and reads the note. She warns Regas of what she’s getting into and reminds her of the policy. Regas confides in her everything that has been going on and promises her that she will take a break with Giles and figure something out. She talks to Giles and he agrees, but he’d like to have one last dinner. While they are out, the controller of CAA Industries, Mark Sax, sees them across the restaurant. Then he starts remembering how slow things are going and how they’ve been billed for more hours than was really necessary. At this point Sax has decided to meet with a partner from Saduga & Mihca, Morris and asks him to investigate. Morris promises Sax he will look into the

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