Essay Metamorphosis

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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a fictional novel written in the early 20’s about a traveling salesman named Gregory Samsa, who is spontaneously transformed into a bug. The Metamorphosis gives no clear explanation as to why many of the events in the novel occur including why the metamorphosis occurs. Life itself gives no explanation to why things happen. Gregor does not understand the forces shaping his life, and neither do we, but we are free to interpret them as we wish. And although nobody’s interpretation of their own life or someone else’s for that matter, is the same, no interpretation is wrong. Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to come to the realization that he has transformed into a bug. “It wasn’t a
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Gregor glances at his alarm clock and realizes he is extremely late for work and begins to panic, unluckily Samsa does not feel so “fresh and lively” considering he’s a bug (Metamorphosis) and he knows he will not avoid the anger of his boss. He begins to contemplate making an excuse, perhaps calling in sick, he thinks. He wanders off and creates a scenario in his head in which his boss would question Gregor, “What about if he reported sick? But that would be extremely strained and suspicious as in fifteen years of service Gregor had never once yet been ill. His boss would certainly come round with the doctor from the medical insurance company, accuse his parents of having a lazy son, and accept the doctor's recommendation not to make any claim as the doctor believed that no-one was ever ill but that many were work-shy” (The Metamorphosis). This is another example as to how consumed Gregor is in his job. He is an insect yet he is still concerned about calling in sick. Previously Gregor also displayed how irritated he was about his job saying “it can all go to hell!” but he has never missed a single workday in his life, he has perhaps gotten to the point of addiction. He knows his job is bothering him and deteriorating him but he can’t leave it. Moments later his mother begins to knock on Gregor’s door but Gregor does not open it and his mother begins to worry, then his sister also begins to worry and begs Gregor to

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