Is Shylock A Hero Or A Villain Essay

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In the first two acts of the play, Merchant of Venice, Shylock, a Jewish money lender, is a villain in which we should be aware of. The first example we see this is in 1: 3 when Shylock reveals his hatred for Antonio for his religion, Christianity. However most of all Shylock despise Antonio for lending money without any interest. This shows that Shylock hates Antonio for no legitimate reasons. Being a Christian is not something that is to be hated upon. Lending money without gaining profit is a decision that one comes with, free from rules. Antonio is not bound by laws and rules, but is free from it. Antonio can decide to do anything he wants despite the loath that Shylock pours on him. Shylock is shunning Antonio, because of Antonio’s …show more content…
We notice the incline of his hatred for the Christians especially Antonio in act 3: scene 1. Shylock says that he desires a pound of flesh from Antonio. Shylock suggests that he can use it as a fish bait, but furthermore he wants to fill his hunger for revenge. This presents that Shylock is all about revenge. His evil mind if only full of revenge upon Christians and a pound of flesh from Antonio. Shylock, as a villain, is craving for the death of Antonio and ruin the life of Bassanio. Even though Shylock does not benefit anything from a pound of flesh except using as a fish bait, he wants to death of Antonio. His wish is all full of evil intentions to destroy others; this fits the definition of being villain perfectly. Second, we see that Shylock is a villain in Act 3: scene 1. In this scene Shylock wishes that he could see his dead daughter, Jessica, dead with all the wealth on the ground spread around her. This shows that Shylock is not humane. Shylock would rather have her daughter dead with his fortune than just to see her. Shylock is indirectly showing villainy towards all the Christian. This proves that his mind is filled with selfishness and only about wealth, but not of his daughter. Lastly we see the evil acts of Shylock in act 3 scene 2 when Shylock Portia volunteers to pay of the debt of Antonio even 20 times the actual amount. Then Jessica replies that his dad, Shylock, swore to his countrymen that he would rather have Antonio’s flesh then 20 times the debt payed back to him. This explains that Shylock is all about a death of a person instead of his fortune restored more than enough. Shylock wishes harm to a Christian then to be benefited by the ducats. His evil desires is uncovered to

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