Essay Mental Justice And Restorative Justice

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1. Explain in complete detail Howard Zehrs ' approach to restorative justice. Restorative justice provides an opportunity for people who committed a crime and those who were impacted by it to communicate with one another on the cause, damage, and potential repair. The central concern of restorative justice is the repair of harm caused by the crime committed. Howard Zehr pioneered restoratice justice while directing a halfway house in Indiana. Zehr worked with the residents in “victim-offender reconciliation” after the home burnt down (6). Zehr facilitated meetings between offenders and victims, along with the support networks of each and impacted community members. This aspect remains in restorative justice approaches today. Restorative justice, according to Zehr, brings people together to discuss how they were affected and to be held accountable for their role in the event. During the discussion, the group decides together how the harm can be repaired (6). RJ also involves members of the community, acknowledging that the damage done is sometimes more widespread than one might believe at first glance. This holistic approach is one reason why experts consider restorative justice to be appropriate and effective. Zehr’s restorative justice model can be taken in threes: three assumptions being that when people are harmed, needs are created; those needs lead to obligations; and the obligation is to make right the harm that was done (11). The three principles include…

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