Mental Illness In Russell Crowe's A Beautiful Mind

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Mental illness is a very stigmatized aspect of health. It is often not addressed in mainstream media and many people do not understand it. A Beautiful Mind, a film directed by Ron Howard and starring actor Russell Crowe, brought attention to mental illness by telling that a real-life story of a genius mathematician, John Nash who suffers from schizophrenia. Despite his battle with the illness, he was still able to beat the odds and win a Nobel peace prize. It depicts schizophrenia and other mental illnesses does hinders nor limit you from success. the film does an amazing job in raising awareness to schizophrenia, unfortunately, also creates some misconceptions about the disease.
Schizophrenia is a severe psychological disorder, which causes
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Nash portrayed signs of delusions when he thought the Russians were after him to kill him due to his unfinished task. Another symptom includes hallucination, Nash began to see himself in the car with William, and hearing sounds of gun shots and a car chase. Although, Nash was suffering from this disorder he was able to marry Alicia and be a brilliant mathematician. Nash still communicated with his imaginary friends, Charles, and Marcel, which he found comforting. He regarded William as his aggressive and violent friend. Alicia just assume his behavior as mere eccentricity and never thought of it as health problem. In Nash’s world, his behavior is accepted and encouraged. Many are unaware of the of the symptoms of mental illness due to the lack of education on the issue. The stigma enable his wife to delay seeking for psychiatric help. Due to the lack of early treatment, Nash’s symptoms became severe. Nash became very accustom to his symptoms; it was his realty. This indicates that any delay in receiving treatment increases the severity of the functional impairment; small delays can seriously affect the possibility of being able to live and function independently (Beidel et al., 2010). Nash hallucination began to affect his job, marriage, and fatherhood. It was not until when Nash began to showcase violent behavior then Alicia calls a …show more content…
Nash was put on medication to help him cope with the symtoms. Even though the drug reduced the symptoms, he expressed how he is solving a math problem but is difficult to see the problem because of the medication he is taking. (A Beautiful mind, 2001). The side effects of the drug hindered his cognitive function and ability to think mathematically. The medication also caused him to isolate himself from society. In the movie, all Nash did was to stay home and smoke, He experience restlessness, his sex life was affected as well. Due to the side effects Nash stooped taking medication and was able work profusely again. This aspect was misleading. When deprived of medications and treatment schizophrenics, lose, jobs, family, friends, financial stability, and homes. In fact, homelessness is so common among schizophrenics. He was luck to be around individuals who were tolerant of his symtoms but I believe they level of tolece would have been less if he was not man with many

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