Mental Health Policies Within Public Schools Essay

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Mental Health policies within Public Health are more prominent today than they were ten years ago, however, there are still a lot of gaps when it comes to children with mental illnesses. “It is estimated that one of every five children and adolescents in the United States has a mental disorder” (Kataoka, 2002). All across the United States, different states have different policies regarding access and availability to mental health professionals. Many states have policies requiring children to have access to these professionals through public schools. One of the primary issues with this, resides with individuals who live in urban communities, are from low income families, or have various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Texas is one of these states. The adolescents of urban populations, populations below the poverty line, and ethnically diverse populations, are not receiving the proper mental health care as it is not widely accessible to them. This paper will discuss the lack of a public health policy that provides mental health awareness, care, and availability to these children living in Texas.
Currently Texas has a wide variety of mental health policies, but only a few affect or are directed toward children. Those that are in place, are targeted towards individuals who attend public school and can easily access services. Treating children at a young age with mental illness will not only improve their quality of life, but help to erase the public stigma regarding mental…

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