Mental Health Is The Capacity Of The Individual Essay

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According to the Canadian Association of Social Workers “mental health is the capacity of the individual, the group and the environment to interact with one another in ways that promote subjective well-being, the optimal development and use of mental abilities, achievement of individual and collective goals consistent with justice and the attainment and preservation of conditions of fundamental equality” (Regeher & Glancy, 2014, p. 2). This definition gives us a broad overview of what is perceived to be mental health, I will use this term to base what mental health is throughout this paper as I examine my own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about what it means to live with mental illness. I will consider my own personal narratives around recovery, resilience, illness and disability. I will also discuss the impacts of stigma and discrimination, of power and privilege in people’s ability to access services and the necessities of wellness. In conclusion, I will link a quote from Wilcox back to the growth and resilience discussed throughout this paper.
I feel that mental illness is not being able to maintain a balance (a state of hemostasis) in your everyday life. This may include not being able to cope with simple task in your day, felling hopeless or lost, struggling with depression, or even having a diagnosis such as an eating disorder. It is the connection between your bio, social and environmental factors in your life. I have lived and overcame mental health…

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