Mental Disorders In The Eden Express By Mark Vonnegut And Christopher Nolan

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One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. They experience something that no one could understand. Two of these people tried to show how is it like to be a mental disorder invalid. Mark Vonnegut and Christopher Nolan. These two men had mental issues, but they managed to survive. One of them is a happy person with his family and the other one is dead. To show what they went through, they wrote a book. In their books they tried to make it understandable for normal people to feel how is it like, to be in their place.
Mark Vonnegut, son of famous Kurt Vonnegut was a normal person until he was done with college. There wasn’t any sign of illness and he was enjoying his youth years. On the other hand Christopher Nolan was born with a mental disorder due to lack of oxygen during his birth. He hadn’t been able to move his body. He just had this ability to move his head and his eyes, he wasn’t even able to talk. Vonnegut realizes there’s something off about him after he was done with college and he was on a journey with his girlfriend and friends, while Nolan realizes his abnormality
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His book is in first person point of view. This book is written in the words of a lunatic and that makes the book interesting and also makes the reader feel how a lunatic feel. For example, during the book one of the character, Simon, is dead, but after a while, he’s going to show up in the story again and he’s alive. These paradoxes make the readers to doubt what’s the truth and what’s the hallucination of the Vonnegut. “The Eden Express of his journey in and out of madness is still the best description of psychotic experiences that I 've ever read” (Inman). This book would give the reader this chance to look at the hallucination world through the eyes of a

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