Medicare Plan For The Medicare Program Essay

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When the Medicare program was established in 1965 its core principle was equal health insurance benefits for all individuals who were 65 years or older and the disabled regardless of income. Today more than 41 million elderly and disabled Americans receive coverage through Medicare. Medicare Part A covers hospital stays, Medicare Part B covers doctor’s office visits; both insurance plans follow the traditional insurance model. Medicare Part C is originally known as Medicare+Choice (M+C) is referred to as a Medicare Advantage plan follows a managed care insurance model.
Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare approved private health insurance plans that can be used by individuals enrolled in the Original Medicare A & B coverage. Medicare Advantage plans usually offer additional benefits, such as vision, dental, and hearing, including prescription drug coverage. There is also Medicare Part D which is the prescription drug plan for original Medicare.
As longevity increases, the demand for home health care services and the likes also increases in an aging population. With a cost of about $269 billion annually, the Medicare program is now the second most expensive federal domestic program. It is very important for the Medicare program to begin the process of finding ways cut costs, while still sustaining the program and making it affordable to qualified individuals who are likely on a fixed income. One suggestion that will be explored in this paper is the idea of switching the…

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