Media Portrayals Gender And Gender Roles Essay

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Media portrayals gender in many different perspectives. Because of stereotypes, genders have specific categories that they are placed in order to be considered that type of sex. Females have been depicted and stereotyped for years because of their gender. Their abilities are judged based on the status quo. Because of stereotypes, females have been considered as inferior to males, which is a bias assumption that society formed. Some females have been taught their entire life that they will never be as good as the opposite sex, and so they began to believe those fabrications themselves. The representations of how mothers are the caretakers of a home affect the younger generation’s perspective about gender roles because they base ideas and beliefs upon what they know. Some examples of how mothers are represented in media are the ones in the Clorox commercial, the novel The Help, and from the television show The Mindy Project.
For example, the media tends to portray females in a light where they are the primary caretakers of household chores and children. Because of this stereotype, they are reduced to only being able to do such domestic responsibilities. The excessive use of dismissive interpretation of women utilized in media creates the mentality that people are subjected to behave a certain way because of their gender. For example, in a commercial for Clorox bleach, the scientists and researchers were portrayed by male actors and the female mothers were the targeted…

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