Media Portrayal Of Police Investigative Work Essay

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Article 4 This article was written by Laura Huey (a previous inclusion) and Ryan Broll. It takes us in depth into how officers feel the media impacts them on how they do their jobs.
a) Citation
Huey, L., & Broll, R. (2012). ‘All it takes is one TV show to ruin it’: A police perspective on police-media relations in the era of expanding prime time crime markets. Policing and Society, 22(4), 384-396. doi:10.1080/10439463.2011.641556
b) Research questions carried out.
To what extent do media portrayals of police investigative work cohere with actual police roles and functions? Do police investigators perceive media products as having an influence on public expectations in relation to their investigative role and work duties?
c) How was the study carried out?
Thirty-one Canadian officers were interviewed. They were asked several questions: In what ways do police investigators and the organizations they work for attempt to control the representation of their work in media outlets? How successful do they feel police are in controlling crime-related media messages? What are the strengths and limitations of the strategies they employ to control the release of information to the media? What are the perceived effects of media reporting on their work? Their answers were documented in the form of video recordings. These tapes then went through a two- stage coding process- where they were analyzed thematically and then transcribed.
d) Results of the study
Police officers interviewed…

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