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Coming down the mountain – re-write

In this clip, the representational issue of disability is displayed through the juxtaposition of Ben, who is mentally disabled and his brother, who is able and seen to be more mature and responsible. The whole clip demonstrates continuity editing as each scene is followed by another creating a sense of reality and time moving forward.

The lighting throughout the whole clip was fairly similar; it was slightly dull and dim which perhaps reflects David’s emotions of misery and tiresome because of the great amount of responsibility he has. In contrast there were some parts where the lighting was slightly brighter when focused on Ben and this indicates positivity and innocence of Ben.

The clip
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Consequently, the scene fades from the close up of Ben to a black and white montage. Montage editing is used to demonstrate the evolution of humans and how they are idealistically meant to be. The colour of the montage being black and white suggests that it is old and scientific perhaps. This is compared with Ben to suggest how he has scientifically ‘failed’ the evolution process. After a couple of scenes in the montage, the voiceover of David talking about the evolution process is inserted. This clears up the confusion of the audience who may not have straight away understood the reason for the montage which could perhaps suggest David’s confusion of how Ben failed the evolution process.

Afterwards, it cuts to the outside of their flat. This is significant as it indicates that the characters are from a relatively average family which creates sympathy towards David as they may not have the best living standards making it more difficult for him because he has look after his brother and do everything himself instead of hiring someone to look after Ben. We are introduced to the scene with again, non-diegetic sound of a sound track saying “wouldn’t it be nice if we…” suggesting how David may wish to have an easier life without having the responsibility of looking after his disabled brother. It then immediately reveals a close up shot of Ben who is seen to be staring at the food on his spoon with his mouth

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