Max Weber 's Influence On Society Essay

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While examining modern society, two sociologists from the 19th century bring attention to understanding this complex place. Karl Marx describes in detail two ways that people are classified that is dependent on their relationship to the means of production. Max Weber describes a more modern look into how people are, act, and do what they do in society based on people’s class, status, and party. While Marx describes outlooks into his view on peoples place in society through their means of production, alienation, and commodity fetish; Max Weber in particular provides accurate details that describe a person’s class, status, party in society, and what these categories portray people as. When looking at modern society one thing has been common since the beginning of any society. The idea of knowing where you place is in society. Every person is giving a certain “rank” in the beginning of their life. This could be as simple as holding a certain social standing in society; it can be as big as being an authority figure towards a small or large group of people. Marx proposed that this rank was passed upon birth and your family. If your family was poor, you were born in the poor category. Marx’s states in his book The Germany Ideology, “What they are, therefore, coincides with their production, both with what they produce and with how they produce” (150). Marx is stating through the means of production; people can fall into two different categories. People either are…

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