Mattel 's New Features For Barbie Essay

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Barbie, a name that people all around the world know, is just a doll, but throughout the past 50 years she has become the icon of physical appearance and a luxurious lifestyle for young girls and women. In the 1950’s, Mattel, the company that worked with Ruth Handler to produce the doll, soon became the first to sell a doll with a woman’s body as a children’s toy. Beginning with Malibu Barbie, also known as the “dumb blond” stereotypical Barbie, and progressing to multicultural versions of Barbie to please consumers, the physical differences between Malibu Barbie and Multicultural Barbie proved that Mattel was capable of altering the doll for the better. As our culture and societal standards have changed, Barbie has faced the challenge of keeping her iconic look while also growing with our new society. Some people think that Mattel’s new features for Barbie are much needed in order to fix the issues that have arose due to the doll, and I believe that this is extremely important for our society to become more accepting and positive about body image, but many consumers also question whether the new curvy, tall, and petite Barbies are going to have a positive influence or make any difference at all. Mattel has successfully morphed Barbie into a symbol of American beauty, who, according to TIME Magazine, is designed “to teach women what-for better or worse-is expected of them in society.” TIME has explored Mattel’s decision to add a petite, tall, and curvy Barbie to their…

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