Essay on Mathematics And The Language Of Mathematics

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When it comes to the subject of mathematics, the challenge in teaching kids not only lies within learning the concepts, but also in learning the vocabulary of mathematics which describe these concepts. Mathematics incorporates theory and formula in order to produce answers. It is these answers that have agreed upon labels in the form of vocabulary. When students begin the process of learning mathematics through formulas, it is imperative that they begin learning the vocabulary necessary to communicate their ideas. Simply telling students to add the exponents or find the tangent of an angle is hardly enough when they don’t fully understand why something is labeled a tangent or exponent. This article explains some ideas and techniques that can be useful to instructors in teaching students not only mathematics, but the Language of Mathematics.
First, one might ask, what is the “language of math?” In terms of standard vocabulary, many terms have very different meanings in mathematics according to the article. An example of this would be the term mean. In society this word is used as a verb to signify and can be used many different ways. In mathematics, the term mean is equivalent to the phrase, the average. In communicating mathematically, words describe measures and lengths, or groups and sums, that express ideas and formulas in mathematics. The challenge in teaching students mathematics is teaching them the correlation between mathematical terms and ordinary terms that they…

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