Maslow's Hierarchy Theory Of Hierarchy

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Register to read the introduction… For example when you are stranded in the middle of the Zambezi River you are not going to be worried about your job review or a promotion but the need to stay alive or find something to eat in the next five hours before you die. So the next thing you might need is safety and so on. The hierarchy of needs builds systematical way of looking at motivation whereas the highest prioritized need becomes the primary motivator to the second most prioritized need and so on.
The hierarchy of needs is as follows;

* Self-Actualization, need to
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Managers can be said to follow either view of their workforce. Theory X is often said to describe a traditional view of direction and control. Theory Y implies a more self-directed workforce that takes an interest in the goals of their organization and integrates some of their own goals into these.
Theory X assumes that: - * The average person dislikes work and will avoid it unless directly supervised. * Employees must be coerced, controlled and directed to ensure that organizational objectives are met. * The threat of punishment must exist within an organization. * In fact people prefer to be managed in this way so that they avoid responsibility. * Theory X assumes that people are relatively unambitious and their prime driving force is the desire for security.
Theory Y effectively takes the opposite view.
It assumes that: - * Employees are ambitious, keen to accept greater responsibility and exercise both self-control and direction. * Employees will, in the right conditions, work toward organizational objectives and that commitment will in itself be a reward for so

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