Essay on Maslow 's Theory Of The Hierarchy Of Needs

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For most of us, happiness often seems situational. We may believe that it comes from what we had to eat today or how we are treated by those that surround us, but happiness is much more. Abraham Maslow formed a theory based on a pyramid that he believes is the key to finding true happiness. This pyramid starts with basic things such as: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, and safety. As we make our way to the top of Maslow’s pyramid he starts to discuss more advanced things that he believes will lead us to true happiness. He proves that happiness is not situational but is a constant and a common goal that we as people all share. For most people, happiness seems hard to achieve because of the difficulty in finding self-contentment.
Abraham Maslow has formed a theory called “The Hierarchy of Needs”. This theory demonstrates how human motivation is directly related to personal needs (Evans, 294). In this theory, Maslow uses a pyramid to show how some needs take precedence over others (Mcleod). I agree with Maslow’s theory, and believe that true self-contentment comes from the very top of the pyramid; He called this final step, transcendence.
I believe that self fulfilment depends on the individual and comes in many different forms. Some find fulfilment in love or being accepted; others may find fulfilment through money and achievements. I believe that true self-fulfillment can only come from one’s self-contentment. You may believe that money or someone who cares about you can…

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