Mary Wollstonecraft 's `` Vindication Of The Rights Of Women ``

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“Who Run the World? Girls!” Beyoncé belts this anthem as the crowded arena embraced and chanted the words back to her. It wasn’t always this easy to talk about women’s rights or embracing women hood as it is in 2016. Several hundred years ago, it was normal for women to be viewed as subordinate to men, follow certain stereotypes, and was not given proper rights. However in 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft 's wrote a book, Vindication of the Rights of Women, to fight for woman’s rights. Throughout the novel, she emphasizes the importance of: equality, educating women, and women having the power to express their mind and body however they wanted. Comparing her work from 1792 to 2016,Wollstonecraft spoke about issue that were ahead of her time and that were very précises and well thought. If she were still alive today, she would be both proud and disappoint on the worlds stance of Women’s Rights because we have accomplished a lot yet we have not accomplished everything. Therefore, in order to change today’s standing on Women’s Rights, we need to bring awareness to the rights some women still do not have and end gender based discrimination. Viewing Wollstonecraft 's work from a 21st century perspective, I realized that it’s ahead of its time because the detailed criticism of what is causing the idea of subordination of women. Her main purpose in her work was to achieve equality amongst all people and to do so people need to have a proper education. She explains that women were…

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