Mary Shelley 's Classic Frankenstein Essay example

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In Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein, she creates many complex and contrasting characters. She addresses the themes of responsibility, disillusionment, and transgression, through the interactions of these individuals. The romantic notions of innocence and experience play a key role in this story, especially in the lives of the Creature and Elizabeth Lavenza. Victor Frankenstein’s creation, the Creature, and his life-long love and eventual wife, Elizabeth Lavenza, share many similarities and differences.
The Creature, created from Victor Frankenstein’s arrogant obsession with the secret of life, finds itself thrust into the world, with the mind of an infant. Immediately after his body is animated, Frankenstein is horrified at his appearance. In Victor’s description of the creature, he assures that only the most beautiful body parts were chosen. He states, “his hair was lustrous, black and flowing; his teeth of a pearly whiteness” (Shelley, 45). Although they are redeeming features, they serve as a contrast to the horrid deformity of the rest of his person. His eyes are described as watery yellow, almost the same color of the pale sockets they inhabit. His yellow skin was stretched so taught over his form that it was possible to see the muscles and flesh beneath. His lips were a straight black line. His body is that of a giant, said to be eight feet tall. Victor admits to using such large pieces so he would not have to labor so intensely to stich the minute details of a…

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