Mary Shelley: Submissive Women in Writing Essay examples

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Mary Shelley: Submissive Women in Writing In the writing of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, she creates four submissive female characters all of who are negatively affected by the hands of Victor Frankenstein. These four submissive female characters are Agatha, Safie, Elizabeth, and Justine. Each of these women is proposed as passive and nonessential. The women, Agatha, Safie, Elizabeth, and Justine, make a pathway for the creation of action for male characters. The actions that happen with/to these women negatively affect them for the purpose of teaching one of the male characters a lesson or inflicting deep emotions to the male characters. Agatha’s purpose to man in this book was teaching the monster. “The girl …show more content…
Justine is ultimately framed for the murder of William Frankenstein, yet she remains collected and serene. Justine handles herself with poise even with her unfortunate circumstances. “God knows how entirely I am innocent… I rest my innocence on a plain and simple explanation of the facts which have been adduced against me”(Shelley 56). Justine’s purpose becomes clear when she is framed. She becomes static, a victim of her circumstance. Mary Shelley describes Elizabeth as submissive and tender. Elizabeth is the most influential character associated with Victor Frankenstein, causing a roller coaster of emotions. Mary Shelley writes Elizabeth’s submissiveness quite obviously when she says, “she presented Elizabeth to me as her promised gift, I [Victor], with childish seriousness, interpreted her words literally, and looked upon Elizabeth as mine…since till death she was to be mine only”(Shelley 19). This belittles Elizabeth and essentially makes her a victim of the monster because of her relationship with Victor. Even when the monster threatens Elizabeth, Victor doesn’t try to protect her entirely, and puts his frustration with the monster over Elizabeth. Elizabeth is belittled along with the other female characters, making them mere tools to get revenge. There is one more hidden female character, without whom, the novel would not succeed. Margret Saville is the most passive, submissive female character. There

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