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Modernisation emphasises the point that western capitals, values and practises are the basis for “modernising” 3rd world countries by helping them become sustainable .However this can only widen the gap between first and 3rd world resulting more 3rd world countries to depend more and more upon the first world for sustenance
Modernisation is defined as the transition from the traditional society of the past to modern society as it is found today in the west .Modernisation presents the idea that by introducing modern methods in technology ,agriculture production for trade ,industrialisation dependant on the mobility of the labour force thus 3rd world countries will experience a boost in their economies .Many proponents of the modernisation
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3rd world will lose their natural resources in cases where some have already lost as it will be explained later in the essay, some through unfair trade with first world countries and problems facing women will only be intensified .Co-operative production is the only way that 3rd world struggles will be eased through compensation for both men and women as this will bitterns/improve balance and equal distribution
Modernisation that has taken place in Africa can be described as something that has yet to benefit most African countries. Modernisation through developments has resulted in many problems .A great example is in Nigeria which has brought fourth privatising of foreign owned Companies ever exploiting the natural resource wealth of the country. As oil owners are from other nations, the profits are mostly exported from Nigeria to a small number of countries this means Nigeria only gets 10-15% of the profits. Multinationals like shell have helped the county to develop and industrialise on a

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