Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay example

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Martin Luther King was a very influential man in his time, and still influences many people today. He used many different approaches and may different ways of showing his passion. The strongest appeal, depends on who is using the appeal and in what Martin Luther King used all three appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos, and when he did, he used each of them fairly well. In his letter "Letter from Birmingham Jail", there are many different angles he went about to influence people, and he did so very successfully. In this letter he used all three forms of appeal, but the one that stands out the most would have to be paragraph seven.
In his letter "Letter from Birmingham Jail" he leaned more towards pathos, or an emotional appeal, and it worked wonders, it had tore through the hearts of many Americans across the nation. Martin Luther King was a smart man and new if his letter got published nationwide that he would have to be more than just logical, more than just ethical and more than emotional, he needed something that whoever did have there chance to read it, that part of it would stick with them forever, which is always the strongest way to appeal to someone, something that sticks
The most influential and strongest part of Martin Luther King 's letter would have to be paragraph seven for many different reasons. He knew his audience and knew there were many different ways he could take his letter to get people listening, and in this paragraph he seems to take all three appeals,…

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