Essay on Marketing Practices Of Pharmaceutical Companies

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Marketing Practices of Pharmaceutical Companies
Everywhere you look, there seems to be advertisements for medicine. Whether it’s an ad online or a commercial, it is almost impossible to not see an advertisement for some sort of medicine. However, these advertisements have caused quite the controversy over the past few years. One side believes that pharmaceutical companies should not advertise at all, and the other side believes it would be unconstitutional to prohibit advertisements. This ongoing controversy is why I have decided to research the ethics of marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies.
A common practice of many pharmaceutical companies is to send brand representatives directly to medical professionals in order to sway their opinion of that brand (Morreim). These meetings often in include lavish dinners, and paid trips, all just to convince that doctor to prescribe more of one brand. Many companies will go so far as to “buy biographical data on individual doctors,” which gives them the information to see the prescribing habits of that doctor. This could be used to determine which drugs they market towards that particular doctor or practice. Companies also only give out samples of the “latest, most expensive drugs,” because doctors tend to keep patients on that drug after the sample runs out rather than search for a less expensive alternative. Morreim points out that it’s the small things that matter the most, like a representative saying “the patients…

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