Essay on Marketing and Current Debt

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CAPSIM Quiz (done individually)
Due Tuesday, September 11th at beginning of class number answers only & signed honor code

1. If you or your team decides to introduce a new sensor product, when should capacity and automation be purchased? 1. Two years or rounds prior to product release 2. One round prior to product release 3. The round of product release 4. The round after product release 5. Purchase of capacity and automation is not necessary for new product release
2. The promotion budget affects: 1. awareness 2. brand equity 3. performance 4. size 5. none of the above
3. What is the minimum amount of time that it takes to invent a new sensor? 1. 3 months 2. 6 months 3. 1 year at
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they’ll be carried on the books based on a LIFO accounting system 4. they’ll be reworked to match the new specifications for product Able 5. they’ll be expensed as a adjustment to income and “disappear”
21. The size segment places more importance on 1. price and age 2. positioning and age 3. age and reliability 4. reliability and positioning
22. Which market segment places the most importance on price? 1. Traditional 2. Performance 3. Low End 4. Size 5. High End
23. Which market segment places the most importance on reliability? 1. Traditional 2. Performance 3. Low End 4. Size 5. High End
24. If you are marketing to High End customers, which criteria are most important to them in order of importance? 1. Positioning, Age, Price, MTBF 2. Price, Age, MTBF, Positioning 3. Age, Price, Positioning, MTBF 4. MTBF, Positioning, Age, Price 5. Positioning, Age, MTBF, Price
25. A change in MTBF affects: 1. inventory 2. positioning 3. material cost 4. project management 5. none of the above
26. If you purchase production capacity and automation: 1. it is available immediately 2. it is available in 6 months 3. it is available in the next year 4. it is available when you need it 5. none of the above
27. Based on the example in the Student Guide, what additional awareness does a promotion budget of $1,500,000 buy? 1. 16% 2. 26%

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