Mark Twain Essay On Racism

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The race Homo sapiens have been around for millions of years and philosophers and scientists have been intrigued about man 's origin. Naturist and geologist Charles Robert Darwin contributed to the issue by stating that mankind has evolved from lower species. Mark Twain, contradictorily argues that the human race have descended from higher animals when moral sense was developed causing individuals to be cruel. Man turns into a cruel animal when he starts persecuting those with different ideology and color of their skin.
Moral sense is what enables man to accomplish things that no specie is capable of including the necessity of doing evil. Mark Twain describes moral sense as the “ability to distinguish good from evil” (13). Humans are given the ability to differentiate between good and bad, yet, chooses wrong for a personal benefit, disregarding the negative effects that an action can cause to other humans. According to Twain 's observations, men who have accumulated millions of
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According to Sharon Begley author of “The Roots of Evil” “[referring to people] who have been raised in an ideology that people of another religion, color or ethnic group are bad” (33). As society, we are all taught differently what is good and wrong, and racism is taught in early ages as well. Racism is one of the most disgusting traits humans have because as humans we are all capable of the same things, but for some reason people tends to stereotype individuals.Back in the South, whites and blacks were segregated, and African-Americans people were called names like “nigger, nigga, negro” by white people who thought they were superior just for having different skin color. “ The negro, in his native African wilds, was subject of the grossest superstitions” ( W.D. Wood 264). The quote is perfect evidence of how Africans were treated, and in addition to the matter, they were also subject of many

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