Manual And Oral Philosophies For Educating The Deaf Essay

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Many parents may be upset when they learn their child is deaf; this could be because they have never come in contact with someone who is deaf. As human beings, the unknown is a scary thing. However, there’re many pros and cons for both manual and oral philosophies for educating the deaf. Personally, I feel if a child is deaf themselves and the parents should learn American Sign Language. American Sign Language is their native language; why take the language away from them. How is that fair? That’s just like someone taking away English from us and forcing us to learn and speak another language. I understand that parents want their child to be able to communicate with others; but I feel the child can do this with gestures or writing on a piece of paper. American Sign Language is a visual language; therefore gestures can be used to help others understand them.
There are many pros and cons of manual philosophies. Pros of manual philosophies are that it’s the individual’s natural language; this language comes naturally to this person. ASL is simply another language; why take that away from someone. Another pro, is that the child does not have to worry about lip reading or speaking which could be very difficult of a deaf individual. As well as, ASL is the deaf person 's culture; without it they could lose their sense of self. According to Freda, deafness is herself. She shouldn’t have to hide it. I completely agree with her. There isn’t anything to be ashamed of; honestly I…

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