Manipulation And Failure In Othello, By William Shakespeare

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“An honorable murderer, if you will; For nought I did in hate, but in honor.” (5.2.294-295). The Shakespearean tragedy, Othello, by William Shakespeare was a tragedy centered around the downfall of the marriage of the main character Othello, and his wife Desdemona. The noble black moor Othello is a well-known general within the Venetian army and has an ensign, Iago, and lieutenant, Cassio, under him. He goes against the set norms of during the time and marries the white sweet Desdemona, daughter of a senator. When eloping, he risks his valuable reputation. Controversy within and outside of the marriage causes manipulation and disarray, which in turn leads to the deaths of characters. Although Othello had a part in the planning of some of the …show more content…
The person he felt was the most trustful was the cynical character of them all, Iago. Othello’s first encounter of direct manipulation was through the confusion of what Iago was trying to suggest. When Cassio was leaving Desdemona after a talk about reinstatement, Iago then suggests that he does not like what he sees. After several questions exchanged between them about Cassio, he then says a mind-boggling statement that makes Othello question himself. Iago says, “Men should be what they seem, Or those that be not, would they might seem none!’ (3.2.127-128). Iago was suggesting sarcastically that Cassio seems honest, but he is not and that those who aren’t that way should not exist. It is a bit of foreshadowing which showed that Cassio should be the one killed because of what he was claimed to do. Throughout the play he continued to manipulate Othello, especially with the handkerchief, to lead to his breakdown. He used the single most thing that was dear to his heart to do so, which was the handkerchief. The handkerchief symbolized the fine strings that held the marriage together. From that conversation between him and Iago, Othello was already object of Iago’s

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