Managerial Accounting Essay

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Case Study 1

You are a group of Human Resource Management consultants. You were contracted by NUMBA to audit and analyse their present compliance with SA labour laws, alignment with the SA HR management environment, HRM strategies, policies and practices. You were asked to identify specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in these areas. They expect you to provide a thorough overview of HR problems and opportunities in NUMBA, and to propose a comprehensive HR strategy for improving HR management in NUMBA. NUMBA currently employs 500 people and offers a range of shoes, handbags and various other vinyl and leather products to consumers and industry at competitive prices. NUMBA
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Overseas competitors have however been entering the marketplace and it is feared that NUMBA will soon have to implement technology to ensure its competitiveness and survival. Several other local competitors have cut back on production due to adverse conditions in the industry. When NUMBA was started, all employees worked together as a focused, highly effective team. Over time, the company has developed into a number of departmental silos, each working towards its own objectives. NUMBA has struggled to align and transform itself in terms of human resource management challenges in the new economic dispensation. The responsibility for human resource administration rests with the Senior Administration Manager, who focuses on the administrative and operational aspects of HRM. Theft and absenteeism is a common occurrence in the factory and the whole organisation was shocked when it was found that a very senior manager has been receiving kickbacks from a supplier of leather. He apologised and remains employed.

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Case Study 1

The company was rocked when the senior designer resigned and joined a shoe manufacturer in Australia. This left a void in the design department that will be difficult to fill. Two employees resigned in the

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