Major Sociological Theories Of Society Essay examples

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Major Sociological Theories Society has many different components. Some in which you may not even realize. It has become such a big part of our everyday lives. There is structure in your families, at your work place, and even in schools. Conflict conveys life as a constant struggle between social groups. We learn who we are by interacting with others in our society. Interaction is key when you are communicating with others through shared symbols. Structure is a huge part in how a society functions. Society is complex, but is interconnected where each part works together as a whole. A structure is like your body. You have many different parts to it, but it works as one. Emile Durkheim noticed that society was working together as a whole. “Durkheim believed that individuals conform to the rules of societies because of collective conscience—the shared beliefs in the values of a group” (qtd. In Ballentine 36). A typical family consists of the parents and eventually children. When you have a baby, you as the parent are the primary caregiver. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children how to be members of a society. Everyone grows up learning the same values and beliefs. It is up to the family on whether or not they teach their children the same values. Societies would collapse if families would not reproduce and teach their children how to be a part of society. Social cohesion holds society together. So therefore, we need to make sure we instill the proper…

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