Mahatma Gandhi: A Simple Idea, A Big Change

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A Simple Idea, a Big Change

Gandhism refers to a simple body of ideas and principles combined to demonstrate the vision and life work of Mahatma Gandhi. These morals are explicitly correlated to Gandhi’s augmentation to the idea of exhibiting truth through non-violent resistance. I wish to aid in the embodiment of these customs in our everyday lives, hence, taking a positive advancement towards a more peaceful and close-knit community.
Principles are essential as they allow you to attain a comprehensive feeling of guidance. They are capable of bestowing essence and aspiration upon your life. It enables you to divert your behaviour towards beneficial activities. When you live your life rendering principles that revolve around the
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In order to achieve inspiration you need passion. When I was five years-old my father took me to the Gandhi Ashram in India, at that moment and in the duration of completing this project, I became truly passionate about the subject. I found the need within me to express the principles and ideas of Gandhi as an obligated daily practice. There were a few challenges that arose on the path to completing this assignment. Firstly, the video not only took a long time to produce but it took longer to develop an idea or how the video would be executed. I began videotaping some acts of Gandhism with my friends, but realized that it didn’t contain enough of an impact for the audience. Therefore I decided to form an abstract video, much like a “Draw My Life” video. I created a story board that displayed and laid out each scene. Finally when it came to recording the video, there were many frustrating moments, as there were approximately 40-50 re-takes. With a patient and dedicated mindset, I was successfully able to complete recording the video. The editing procedure following was quite simple as I had experience with Windows Movie Maker. I found the script to be a challenging aspect, as I wanted my words to inspire Glenforest students to practice acts of Gandhism daily. It took me a couple of days to create a script that I was happy with, one that would bestow a …show more content…
Although my video was an abstract one, consisting of drawings on a whiteboard, I believe it did an ideal job of representing Gandhi’s principles. As for my presentation my goal is to be able to entertain my audience while delivering a meaningful impact regarding Gandhism, and I strongly believe my video is capable of doing so. If I could change something about my project, I would add more to my final presentation. Other than a video, I would add a speech or poem corresponding with the main idea of the film. That being said, I am not unhappy about my final product, I am very proud of it and would only consider further additions in future assignments like this

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