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The essence of a Magic box is to show culinary skills and creativity in producing a dish that has complimentary and balanced flavours. This dish is created from a list of ingredients with emphasis on texture, colour, taste, balance, nutrition and presentation. With this criteria in mind I set out to produce two menu items, one entree and one main, that utilised as many ingredients as possible from the list provided and that encompassed the above elements.
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* List of magic box ingredients and usage. * References and word count.
Scampi Lasagna
Baby leaf spinach, Veluota of button mushrooms.

Braised Beef Cheeks
Celeriac puree, warm confit garlic and beetroot salad, tempura artichoke heart, red wine jus.

Menu Overview
Scampi lasagne
Baby leaf spinach, veluota of button mushrooms.

The Scampi lasagne is a three tier, cylinder stack. It is layered bottom to top, starting with blanched pasta followed by baby leaf spinach, topped with a fish mousse and capped with pasta. The fish mousse is made to in case the diced scampi meat, which is then piped onto the spinach and layers repeated. The lasagne is steamed at point of service.
To accompany this is a veluota of button mushrooms. The veluota is a white wine and vege stock base, with button mushrooms, finished with cream. “Veluota is a smooth creamy sauce made from blonde roux and white stock” (Yule & McRae, 2007. Pg 557). Using a vege stock allows this dish to be eaten by vegetarians who choose to eat fish.
This dish is served in a small broad rimmed bowl, with lasagne in centre. This is finished with the veluota softly ladled over the top, finished with sauted mushrooms, chopped parsley and tarragon.

Braised Beef cheeks
Celeriac puree, warm confit garlic and beetroot salad, tempura artichoke heart, with a red wine jus.

The beef cheeks are braised, meaning to slow cook and bring out

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