Essay Machiavelli : Does The Ends Justify The Means?

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Machiavelli: Does the ends justify the means? Niccolo Machiavelli was 15th century Italian philosopher he had some unconventional beliefs. In his book called The Prince, he introduced the idea that “the ends justify the means”. According to Machiavelli, this theory suggests that almost any action or behavior is perfectly acceptable as long as it results in the desired outcome. For instance, this unconventional belief would support almost any kind of behavior that is designed to create a specific positive outcome for the person involved. This philosophy is somewhat self-centered because it basically endorses selfish choices.
Originally, Machiavelli’s writings applied this philosophy to the basics of life in a political setting. He stated quite clearly that it was basically okay to do anything or say anything to get votes as long as the person won the election. In other words, he supported the idea of winning in politics at any and all costs. While he mostly was writing about politicians this strange philosophy has since been extended over the years to be applied to everyday life. People have taken this philosophy and tried to make it fit within the context of any situation.
It is an important topic because it presents the argument that the results are more important than the methods of how you get there. People have argued for years for and against this idea, which has created a very lively debate about whether or not the philosophy is true. Although this idea is…

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