Essay on Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Due to the inherent complexities of human nature, conflicts are bound to arise when groups and individuals are in a disagreement with each other. Despite being seen as inconvenient and uncomfortable by a majority of people, conflicts prompt the parties involved to come to a resolution they both agree on by examining the viewpoints of the opposing side. In WIlliam Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the play’s titular character engages in a numerous amount of conflicts. Macbeth forces his way into being crowned the King of Scotland. However, he slowly loses his ability to control his land, but more importantly, himself. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is driven by the three essential conflict mechanisms which arise from obstacles that Macbeth believes are a direct threat to him being King. Secondly, the main characters of the play experience their own internal conflicts as they struggle with their personal ambitions. Lastly, Macbeth is in conflict with the society around him as he struggles with the duties of being a King.

Firstly, the majority of plots in the play conclude in violent and bloody conflicts which condemn both innocent and guilty parties to death . A prime example is the struggle between Macbeth and Banquo, a fight that serves to tell much about how far Macbeth is willing to go to achieve his goals. Although, they were both loyal commanders to the Scottish Army, Banquo 's suspicions led him to be wary of Macbeth displayed when Banquo says:
‘Thou hast it now, King,…

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